Personal Training

Why a personal trainer? It is the best way to achieve the weight/strength goals you desire. P.T. helps you understand your workouts and do them more efficiently. Are you tired of doing the same work out with little or no change in your weight or shape? Try Personal Training. It is the best way to achieve the weight loss/strength goals you desire, while better understanding your workouts and increasing your efficiency. Packages can also be broken into 30-minute sessions under the same hourly price structure.

You'll like what you see.

Personal Training is available to all members.


1 hour per session (available in 30 minute increments)

Personal training packages expire one year from date of purchase. As with all GMY programs Personal Training is not transferrable or refundable.

Personal Training

1-10 Hours $50/hour
11-20 Hours $45/hour
21+ Hours $40/hour

Adult Group Personal Training (max 3)

Get your friends, spouse or co-workers together.

# of Sessions Session Length # of members Price per session Price per member
1-10 1 Hour 2/3 $60 $30/$20
11-20 1 Hour 2/3 $55 $27.50/$18.33
21+ 1 Hour 2/3 $50 $25/$16.67

Grade School, High School & College Personal Training

(age 11 thru 22)

Personal Training

Private and Semi Private Pilates Reformer classes


The Reformer assists you through the more challenging exercises and can add resistance on easier exercises. This personalized Pilates Training is ideal for anyone from the beginner to the advanced devotee. Training sessions are fee based and scheduled upon request and at the convenience of client and trainer.

Pre-Registration required.


Private one-on-one reformer training

# of Sessions Session Length Private Class Price Group of 2 Class Price
1-5 1 Hour $65 $100
6-10 1 Hour $60 $95
11-15 1 Hour $55 $90
16+ 1 Hour $50 $85

Private Yoga & Pilates

Pilates and Yoga are excellent alternatives to your traditional cardio and strength workouts. You won't believe how much flexibility, strength and muscle tone you will gain from these workouts. When you practice Pilates and Yoga in our tranquil studio environment, you will relax and find yourself less prone to injury. Newcomers: get started one-on-one before joining a group class. Experienced devotees: this is a great way to take your training to the next level with personal attention. Many use private class sessions as a supplement to group classes included with their Y membership.

Certified instructors guide you through focused private or small group training. Sessions for groups up to 3 are scheduled at the convenience of all parties.

Session Length # of Members Session Price Price per Member
1 Hour 1 $70 $70
1 Hour 2 $130 $65
1 Hour 3 $129 $43